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Although each victim of domestic violence may have circumstances that make her experience unique, there is always a thread of commonality that unites all. The abuser wants to wield his or her control over the victim (Note: I do not use the term "victim" as a synonym for "weak". Christina knew from the age of four that she wanted to be an entertainer. The relationship changed from him being a funny and sarcastic guy to being an asshole, in a joking style. He started talking down about my friends so bit by bit, I was getting rid of my friends. When I finally released it and I heard myself talk about it with family and friends it became therapy. Have you been wondering what Brandon Wilds is up to these days?"I remember he instilled that fear in you that if you left him he would hurt us and because of that you stayed in it." RELATED: Carly Simon Had Her First Sexual Encounter at Age 7 With a Boy in His Teens Carmen eventually got her daughter a ticket to New York so that she could leave LA — and this man — behind.Thanks to the Internet, celebrities are forced to live transparent lives. I haven't spoken to him but I did hear of a woman after me who experience the same thing. When you are not controlling your today and in fear of your tomorrow, you are an abusive relationship.Lil Wayne and Christina Milian have had a complicated relationship.Having started dating in 2014, they have been in an on-again, off-again relationship, with their first public split being in 2015. For me, I’m so inspired by the relationship that I’m in that it’s definitely an experience.In the emotional scene in which Christina Milian revealed this, she opened up to her sister about the heartbreak, and the disappointment, saying, “I’ve never loved anyone the way that I love Wayne, not even my ex-husband. I’ve never had anyone understand me the way that he has.” Lil Wayne and Christina Milian got back together after the allegations, but in January this year, they broke up again. This time round, Christina declared she wasn’t going to give him another chance, stating, “There comes a time when you have to open your eyes and say, ‘I don’t have time for games, I don’t have time for games.’ I don’t like the idea of being single again, but I can’t do this anymore, we’re done.” This is as reported by .

Christina's marriage to producer, "The Dream" was more like a nightmare. Beauty and love must be within you and you have to learn to love yourself.

“We're driving each other crazy right now,” she said.

"It's like he's way too far away for us to be trying to like fix something and it's like and it's so...

"I'm like, 'I wish that was the case.' And then I got a phone call the same day asking if we broke up." On last week's episode, Milian acknowledged that Weezy cheated on her.

Despite that, Christina -- who has a Tunechi tattoo -- calls Weezy a "good guy" in this clip before explaining their troubles.

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Apparently, the sport runs in her family, with both her father and grandfather being boxers.

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