Updating data in a linked table is not supported

Updating data in a linked table is not supported

Assuming the library is compiled with foreign key constraints enabled, it must still be enabled by the application at runtime, using the PRAGMA foreign_keys command.

Since no data is stored within the analysis in runtime, it is not possible apply any transformation on in-db data.

Note: In the case where you run across an application which is not fully ODBC compatible, often times they do support getting data from Access tables.

To make this application work with Quick Books tables, you can run the Microsoft Access setup as shown above.

(Note, however, that future releases of SQLite might change so that foreign key constraints enabled by default.

Careful developers will not make any assumptions about whether or not foreign keys are enabled by default but will instead enable or disable them as necessary.) The application can also use a PRAGMA foreign_keys statement to determine if foreign keys are currently enabled.

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When you are working with data from an external data source (in-database or in-db data) there are a number of features that you can use with in-memory data that are unavailable. One thing to think about when working with in-db data is that changes to the underlying database schema will not automatically be reflected in the Spotfire analysis.

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