Superposition is a relative age dating principle which states

Superposition in archaeology and especially in stratification use during excavation is slightly different as the processes involved in laying down archaeological strata are somewhat different from geological processes.

Man made intrusions and activity in the archaeological record need not form chronologically from top to bottom or be deformed from the horizontal as natural strata are by equivalent processes.

Using relative dating principles and the position of layers within rock, it is possible to reconstruct the sequence of geologic events that have occurred at a site.

In the image below, cliffs along the Snake River show signs of volcanic activity and deposition.

A chance encounter between determined fishermen and a great white shark off the Tuscan coast in 1666 sparked a chain of events that would help change humans views of fossils and Earth’s geologic past (Cutler 2003, pp. Nicolas Steno (1638-1686) dissected the head of this shark and realized fossil tongue stones believed to be petrified snake or dragon tongues were actually fossil shark teeth (Prothero 1998, p. One problem still existed, how do fossils become embedded in solid rock?

Steno recognized that fossils represent organisms that became buried in sediment, which later turned into rock.

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Superposition in archaeology requires a degree of interpretation to correctly identify chronological sequences and in this sense superposition in archaeology is more dynamic and multi-dimensional.The thick, dark, gray layer at the bottom is made of basalt. You have just used the principle of superposition to interpret the relative ages of the layers.This principle states that in a sequence of undisturbed sedimentary layers or lava flows, the oldest layers are at the bottom.We'll even visit the Grand Canyon to solve the mystery of the Great Unconformity!Imagine that you're a geologist, studying the amazing rock formations of the Grand Canyon.

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