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Seriousdating com

We understand that relationships begin with chemistry but are really about deep, profound connection, mutual respect, appreciation and, if all the stars align, love.If you are ready for success, you are ready for us. But they found me a good match immediately, and everything started off on the right foot.It is the only agency to reveal the truth about international dating and everything else that other agencies would not dare admit about the unions between Russian/Ukrainian women and Western men.Forget the stereopypes about Slavic woman who are overly attached to traditional values (women who only dream of housework and raising children), docile and undemanding (beautiful and silent type), and desperate to flee both her country and Russian/Ukrainian men (alcoholics and part of the mafia). I have been an employee in a Ukrainian marriage agency, a marriage candidate in an international dating agency, and now the Director of Inter-Marriage.Agency A2 has been providing serious, high quality dating services for 18 years.

Our success rates are very high, and our clients appreciate what we do for them.

A person who would reject you simply because you’re in therapy is probably not the loving and supportive partner that you deserve, so good riddance to that person.

Of course, there are lots of other (more valid) reasons to either not disclose or to hold off on disclosure. (This occurs more often with men than women.) If so, you may want to discuss this issue with your therapist, who hopefully knows you well and can offer some useful suggestions for overcoming this issue.

Or perhaps you’re dealing with a thorny, difficult, emotionally painful issue - childhood abuse, for instance - and you’re not comfortable sharing that information with the person you’ve been dating.

If so, this too might be an issue you should discuss with your therapist, who will likely have some useful input.

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My name is Marina Fedorova and I am the Director of Inter-Marriage - an agency with a strong identity, clearly different from traditional dating services and matchmaking clubs selling addresses of Slavic women.

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