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Nonetheless, numerous evidences imply that both arcs broadly reworked Siberian basement components. 970‐800 Ma) arc system of the Taimyr orogen evolved on the active margin of the SC and probably extended along the periphery of Rodinia into Valhalla orogen of NE Laurentia.

We also suggest the late Neoproterozoic (750‐550 Ma) arc system could have been part of the Timanian orogen, which linked Siberia and Baltica at the Precambrian/Phanerozoic transition.

As a sport, cycling is governed internationally by the Union Cycliste Internationale, headquartered in Switzerland.Sedimentary rocks derived from 970 to 800 Ma arc‐related suites reveal abundant Archean and Paleoproterozoic detritus, characteristic of the SC.The 720‐600 Ma arc‐related zircon population from the younger Cambrian sedimentary rocks is also complemented by an exotic juvenile Mesoproterozoic zircon population and erosional products of older arc‐related suites.Here we report 800 Al in zircon concentrations from 19 different rocks from the Lachlan Fold Belt (southeastern Australia), New England (USA), and Arunachal leucogranites (eastern Himalaya) with Al O) whole rock values that range from 0.88 to 1.6.Zircons from peraluminous rocks yield an average Al concentration of 10 ppm, which distinguishes them from crystals found in metaluminous rocks ( 1.3 ppm).

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