My 17 year old daughter dating 20 year old man

My 17 year old daughter dating 20 year old man

If I don't take the softer approach I fear she will take off with Craig and cut ties with us.

"If I forbid it or attempt to ban her from seeing him, I risk losing my precious child.

Last month, they invited divorced double-glazing fitter and father-of-one Craig Wright into their home, where he now shares a bedroom with their daughter.

According to 51-year-old Sheila, of Northfleet, Kent, who runs a yachting business with her 56-year-old husband, they had no choice in the matter.

She has tried a few times to go out and put some job applications out but the least little thing will set her off and she won’t go.

If anything, I wonder why it has taken you so long to get there?"Paul has managed to accept the situation far better than I have, because he believes we should let her make her own mistakes." Unsurprisingly, Alison is adamant that she knows best.Having got her own way with her parents, she is already dreaming of marriage and babies with her boyfriend of four months, despite being a drama student and also harbouring ambitions to travel the world as an actress.My 19 year old daughter has very disturbing temper tantrums and they are getting worse.She screams and cusses and blames everyone for her mistakes.

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I'd frankly rather have my teenage daughters, if and when I have them, date older guys than other teenagers, for reasons I've already mentioned. I have long been in support of 16-17 year olds dating older men in their 20's. My husband sided with her, saying she deserved some privacy and respect. What would a 24 yr old man want in a 16 yr old GIRL (NOT WOm AN)? Regardless of the age of consent, there just is no real valid reason why a 24 yr old NORMAL MAN would want to hang around a 16 YR OLD GIRL unless there was some booty invovled. A: The California statutory rape law is titled A: No.

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