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The Hotel Cafe has been a home and incubator for singer/songwriters like Joshua Radin, Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles, Meiko, Anna Nalick, Katy Perry, Cary Brothers, The Milk Carton Kids, and Adele, to name a few.It is a 175 cap venue (it also recently opened up a smaller, second stage with a capacity of 80).

He then begins chatting up a storm with me about the weather and temperatures and so forth. Hell, at my workplace, you're considered downright rude if you don't chat while at the urinals. I have never, EVER, started a conversation at a urinal. My ex had an awful experience regarding urinal conversation. I gotta pee." He returns a couple of minutes later with one pants leg completely soaked. Now keep pouring me beers and leave me alone or I'll knock your block off! " The man says, "My looks have been a problem all my adult life. " After a couple of beers, the man says, "I'll be right back. So I don't know why this guy insists on making new friends while I'm going to the bathroom. There are two guys at work that love to chat up storms and will follow you into the bathroom to keep talking to you. I've never followed anyone in the bathroom to keep a conversation and I never will. I hate it when people walk between me and the urinal. I don't walk between you and your family when you're taking their picture, do I? If someone tries talking to me while I'm at the urinal, I'm thinking that'll be a problem that will resolve itself fairly quickly... Forgive me if I tell it badly, it's been some time since I heard it. He returns a couple of minutes later and his pants are soaked down the other leg. ;)Sometimes, you can evade this problem by taking a nice, relaxing sit-down in the stalls, even if you don't have to take a dump. One time I walked into the men's room and met my boss, and I legitimately had to take a dump, so I beelined into a stall. So I had to respond, and my voice is echoing off the walls and I feel like a total dork. I mean, one of the guys follwed me in, saw me step up to the urinal and still wanted to talk. I don't even look at the person next to me while I go. He was urinating next to a chatty fellow who said something so awful that my ex could hardly contain his vitriol when relating the story to me later that same night. "Hey, that's a nice watch." :dubious: :eek: : DWell, my parents brought me up with manners: if someone is talking to me, I turn to face them so I can pay attention to them, not to what I'm doing. The bartender notices, but figures it's none of his business. The bartender says, "I can't get over how much you look like John Wayne. " A few beers later, he excuses himself for the restroom again. Every time I go into the men's room to pee, the guy next to me always turns and says, "Hey! You're John Wayne." Maybe next time someone talks to you when you pee, you should turn and pee on him.

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