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Generally speaking though, it is referring to a repetitious mistreatment of someone which can cause that person some major health, emotional and psychological problems.If this is what you are experiencing, then take your time going through the information on this site as you will more than likely find things that are very familiar to your own circumstances.Workplace intimidation, also known as workplace bullying, occurs when a superior, peer or subordinate uses violence or blackmail to manipulate you or intentionally creates feelings of fear, inadequacy or awe.Workplace intimidation includes illegal sexual harassment and discrimination, but is not limited to illegal behavior.

But strong management can easily spill over into Bullying. They take the view that they are being abrupt and tough out of necessity. A lot of consultants and trainers are now focusing on this problem.The purpose of this intimidation is to force someone to do something.At work, a manager has a position of superior influence over his or her staff.Welcome to our Workplace Intimidation Website where we strive to bring you all the latest up to date information about what to do if you are being intimidated at work.We know that you found this website because of what you are going through where you work. We have been there ourselves and know exactly how you feel When we use the phrase “workplace Intimidation” you should be aware that it includes a wide variety of situations in the workplace.

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There’s a growing interest in the UK about management styles.

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