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"She noticed."I'm going to collapse if i don't drink some."she thought and went down to the nearest 24/7 store to buy some.

It was dark but the street lights provided some light.

He wore a leather jacket and looked a little sleep-deprived. When Margaret turned her head towards him,he averted his eyes to the bus that had just arrived. College assignments had piled up and she fell to bed exhausted most of the nights.

One night she had stayed up late to finish one of them."Dammit,run out of coffee!

One of them listens in, waves fingers at him as the negotiations begin. VIDEO SURVEILLANCE OF AN 8' X 4' CELL - DAY A wall smeared with God-knows-what. At a motion from the man, Eighteen is taken down to the ground. - Rosanna Garcia Guerrero, editor of REFORMA newspaper, being interviewed, "...organized crime syndicates...growth of kidnapping in Mexico over the last two years." EXT. Looks more like "war torn Beirut", burnt out cars and trash.

Facing it, Eighteen stands naked blindfolded and shivering. He shifts nervously as a little JACK RUSSELL TERRIER eagerly licks the blood off his calf. Straddled by two men, his head is mummified in tape leaving one ear exposed. UPSCALE HOUSE - DAY As a hand removes a ziplock baggie from the mailbox. An ear partially obscured by sweating plastic and a blood smear. CITY SQUARE - MEXICO CITY - NIGHT A MERCEDES driving around the square, Eighteen's father waving a white shirt out the window like a surrender flag. BRIDGE - NIGHT (3 AM) Footbridge over railway sandwiched between freeway. The 18 year old's father, naked to the waist, walks from the family Mercedes over the footbridge carrying a pillowcase full of cash to a semi- derelict car on the opposite side with a white piece of fabric taped in the rear windshield and trunk open.

She was leaning on to the window side with her legs one over the other, resulting the hem of her yellow strapless short summer dress to ride a little higher than its original position of midway of her thighs.

She was too bored to correct this little immodesty and besides she knew Sam loved to enjoy the view of her toned, smooth and long legs.

The small domestic plane was shaking more than a bigger plane against rogue air currents, resulting small bounces in her chest area from time to time.It's not like she hadn't walked around this neighbourhood all the time.As she was making her way to the register,she saw through the store's window,on the sidewalk,a man's form.A CATHOLIC CHURCH The big wooden doors open to release the parishioners inside. Holding his GIRLFRIEND'S hand, anxious for Sunday to really begin. Jordan is well heeled, well connected and well oiled. Samuel, at 40, already has the patrician look that has served the male members of his family for generations. They don't notice the traffic suddenly thin, like a faucet's been cranked down. As a CHAUFFEUR holds the back door open for them... Practiced hands slit the boy's Sunday suit from the base of his neck to his heels. They discuss the kidnapping, a headline on the paper Jordan tosses aside.

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