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“Taking” My Sister’s Virginity I wasn't necessarily eavesdropping, as they were drunk and not really talking quietly...Shes my sister, she had just turned eighteen and as I did every year I kidded her that now I couldnt call her my kid sister (I was exactly ten months older than her). Ma noticed it and tried to get her to tell her what was wrong but she said she was okay, the same thing she told me when I tried to help. And I realized Id never pictured her as a sexual female, just as a sister. Hones, Sis, Jesus, you think Id lie about sucking cock? No, I guess you wouldnt, she said slowly, then a little smile curled her lips, Do you really think Id be embarrassed by the word cock after telling you Ive been .... Naturally she felt the hard on Id been hiding and asked, a sly look in her eye, Did I cause that or is the memory of camp? Instead of pushing me away she ground her hips into mine and gripped one of my cheeks. I got a finger between her cheeks and found a ticklish spot. You can have a good long look at everything I got, Brother Dear, and a feel, and a taste, and anything else you want. Ill give you a preview, though, and she stepped back, pushed her shorts and panties down to mid thigh, and turned around real slow, then bent and licked the head of my dick. Ma said to Linda at supper, What happened, Bob, you finally get her to open up?I hated to see her this way cause I loved my sister. I think we were more like real close friends than siblings. I almost made a wise ass remark then caught myself, damn, shes really hurting. Well, she was almost in tears, and even redder, if that was possible, Promise not to tell anyone? Jesus, the image gave me a hard on which I managed to hide from her! And I also realized I was gonna have to tell her a secret I wouldnt tell anyone else in the world. Last summer at camp me and my tent mate, well, we ended up the same as you and your pals. That just made my dick harder, so I slid my hands from her waist to her ass and squeezed her cheeks. Are you really jealous of the other boy and the girls? Theyre going out tonight, she added, then Ill show you that you dont have to be jealous of anyone. I choked on my food and Linda giggled, That he did, Mom.“It’s almost December,” Lisa countered, before singing playfully, “All I want for Christmas is to get laid.” “Does oral sex count? “Because if it does, you are a complete skank.” “I'm not sure giving head to seven guys counts,” my sister countered, which shocked the shit out of me.My sister was the biggest nerd I had ever met: in both looks and personality.

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