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When it comes to assigning blame for her crappy love life, she is all about pointing fingers and never about looking in the mirror. She was attractive and I liked her spunk, so I asked for her phone number.

Not every woman is a raging ball of sunshine and optimism when it comes to looking for love.

In fact, it feels like the male population is entirely fuckboys sometimes.

But, as much as fuckboys are a nuisance to society, it’s pretty entertaining to deal with them, especially if you know off the bat exactly what their game is.

Not only does she scare and briefly traumatize the men she meets, but her bitterness probably seeps into all areas of her life recognize yourself here – though I’ll bet you have a friend or someone else in your life who is The Bitter Woman.

She is a little scary, a lot angry, and all about being a victim.But I should warn you, if you’re trying to start dating a leo, there Ah, fuckboys.It’s a species that seems to be multiplying by the second.(Especially the men.) Not coincidentally, The Bitter Woman constantly meets bad men who piss her off. ”, but she will always get to “He’s a total asshole.” When it ends (and it always does), she is even more convinced that all men are jerks.Her toxic anger then reignites, and she is ready for the next target.

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One of the guys, an acquaintance, started ranting about how easy women had it. I was surprised to discover something I didn’t like: he reminded me of myself, many years ago.

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