Chatting with sexbots

Chatting with sexbots

‘Won’t giving people the power to shop through IT lead to an explosion of satellite pornography? IT is either pure black, and full of doom; or it’s pure white, and will magically ‘empower’ everyone, at no cost, in an instant.

Outright technophobia and technophilia leave no room for, er, shades of grey. And so it is with the media’s new scare-story-come-love-object: sexbots.

Be warned, there are fake profiles out there to get you on Grindr.

And we’re not just talking about old dudes with deceptive pictures and model headshots (although they’re lurking too). Users have been left angry when hot men they're chatting to turn out to be fake profiles that give their phone a virus.

Well, now Real Doll, purveyors of alarmingly lifelike silicone sex partners -- and apparently not movie buffs -- plans to give them personalities.

According to the , Real Doll founder and CEO Matt Mc Mullen has hired a team away from Hanson Robotics for the new project, dubbed Realbotix, for the express purpose of animating these dolls.

Kathleen Richardson, a specialist in the ethics of robots at the University of De Montfort in Leicester, has attacked what’s described as a new generation of sex toys – robotic ones.

This invention joins the long list of sci-fi technologies that have eventually ended up being available to customers in the real world. ASIMO is capable of storing memory, interacting with humans and autonomous navigation.

With this in mind, here are ten fictional pieces of technology from speculative works of film and television that have become a reality today. (Knight Industries Two Thousand), the artificial intelligence in the iconic black car Michael (David Hasselhoff) drives. Since its debut, ASIMO has become popular and highly influential in the field of robotics, which also created unmanned military vehicles such as the Predator attack drones.

Many speculative fiction movies introduced the idea of a tablet computer replacing the standard clipboard, but none were as influential as Stanley Kubrick's #2001ASpace Odyssey. Meanwhile, the scientists at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) are perfecting robotic prosthetic limbs that can be controlled via brain waves.

Then the bots get them to click on a link to a fake webcam site, which installs a virus on their phone.

“It’s not a natural conversation flow,” one of the victims told Pink News. A spokesperson for Grindr told that the website is “definitely aware of spambot activity” and assured they are working on making security improvements.

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Near the end of the project, I dined with a senior journalist from the Daily Telegraph to talk about it.

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